Image Sample"This is the BEST training I have ever received in my entire teaching career. I wish I had this training/knowledge when I was in the classroom." Barbara - Literacy Coach

"Thank you for being so pleasant. We needed your upbeat attitude... Your packets are wonderful and very much appreciated."- Patti - 1st Grade Teacher

"Mara is very energetic and her love of teaching is evident in her presentations. She has many helpful hints that I hope to use." William - 2nd Grade Teacher

"Mara you have a wonderful outlook and it inspired me to try new things.
" Claudia - 3rd Grade Teacher

"I really enjoyed learning about the writing workshop with you. It was clear that you are passionate in this topic. I will use the books that you recommended as touchstones. You cleared up a lot of grey areas for me." - Anita - K/1 Teacher

"I always looked foreward to the days when Mara was at my school. The work we did dramatically enhancedmy teaching. She taught me strategies for working with all levels of reaers and writers. After each session with Mara, I felt renewed, energized and eager to implement my newly learned techniques." Mollie - Literacy Coach

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